Matlock proud to be a Fairtrade Town

057  Matlock became a Fairtrade Town in 2006. Since then the amount of Fairtrade products available in the town has grown steadily. The Fairtrade Steering group have worked hard to raise the profile of Fairtrade within the town in schools, cafes, churches, shops and the local Councils.


This picture is a design produced by six local primary schools with the back ground painted by an A level student at our local secondary school. The view shows part of Hall Leys Park in the town centre which is overlooked by Riber Castle.

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The design on the bag shows a painting of iconic sights in Matlock and was painted by an A level student at Highfileds school in 2013. The letters spelling the town’s name were made up of Fairtrade labels collected and made into a montage by six local primary schools. The picture made up one side of a cube which toured around the Derbyshire Dales and won the top award for Outstanding Achievement from the Fairtrade Foundation.

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