Fairtrade Football Competition 2015

The net bulges as All Saints 'A' score.

Blue skies and bright sunshine greeted teams competing in the annual Fairtrade Football Tournament at Cavendish Fields. Six teams from four local primary schools took part.

Laura Stevens organised the event for the ninth year running. Before the football kicked-off she talked to the children about Fairtrade and explained the importance of using Fairtrade footballs. Each school was given a Fairtrade football after the tournament.

The referees were all from Highfields School, and most of them had played in the competition themselves when they were at primary school.

The tournament took the form of a league with all the teams playing each other. The Mayor of Matlock, Councillor Steve Flitter presented the trophies.

St. Giles were worthy champions and the only unbeaten team in the tournament. 

St. Giles celebrate as champions.
St. Giles celebrate as champions.

The referees unanimously awarded the Fair Play Trophy to St. Joseph’s ‘A’.

St. Joseph's 'A', winners of the Fair Play Trophy.
St. Joseph’s ‘A’, winners of the Fair Play Trophy.

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  1. Irene Ratcliffe says:

    Fair Play Fairtrade, great values from the Community of Matlock.
    Well done.

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