Fairtrade in Matlock

Picturesque Matlock always working hard to promote Fairtrade. In Matlock we are very proud that Fairtrade is supported by the three tiers of local Councils, schools, churches and businesses. Events take place throughout the year promoting Fairtrade and we host the famous annual Fairtrade Football Tournament played by local primary schools with Fairtrade Footballs.  

Fairtrade Fortnight

2018 Fairtrade Fortnight will begin at 09:00 on   Fairtrade Fortnight 2018 Monday, 26 February to Sunday 11 March   Exciting plans in preparation for a big two day Fairtrade in the town of Matlock on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th March. Watch this space for details!!  

Fairtrade Fortnight 27.2.17 – 12.3.17

FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT February 27th – March 12th 2017 FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT IN MATLOCK Much of the work in Fairtrade Fortnight  is focussed in schools. Before the Fortnight Lessons will be held in both Castleview Primary, and Tansley Primary to familiarise pupils with the idea of Fairtrade. During the Fortnight : Thursday 2nd March, classes of children…