Fairtrade Schools

Fairtrade Schools 

2018 Fairtrade Fortnight

Tansley Primary became a Fairtrade school in summer 2017 and then won the Fairtrade Football competition in the following September. 

They are celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight 2018 by having two Fairtrade baking days, a coffee morning for parents and the Fairtrade Committee are having a go at writing a Fairtrade Rap to be performed in school (and perhaps even further afield)

St. Giles Y6 pupils are baking and taking part in an assembly for Fairtrade Fortnight.

News from Tansley

New Fairtrade Committee for 2015/16

A new Fairtrade Steering Committee was set up in November 2015 with new members joining some of the existing committee to replace those who have moved on to secondary school. We discussed plans for the Christmas Faire and we had loads of fun ideas on how to raise awareness of Fairtrade.  We plan to do a big breakfast during Fairtrade Fortnight. Yum!

Featuring Fairtrade in the school’s sports day:

The Fairtrade Committee at Tansley Primary School wanted to feature  Fairtrade in the school’s sports day and so proposed a Fairtrade Banana Relay Race. This involved four teams running a relay race in which they had to wear a Fairtrade Banana Suit.


Tansley Fairtrade Committee
Tansley Fairtrade Committee

At the end of the track each team member had to take off their suit and pass it to the next member of the team. Just as the race was about to start  – down came the rain from the very black cloud that had been threatening all of the sunny afternoon. The show must go on – so the race was run in the pouring rain with the teams having to exchange their banana suits while they were soaking wet. Not an easy task!

The relay race was run again the next day in beautiful sunshine and the same team won both times. The secret of their success was cooperation. As the members changed suits they helped each other take it off and put it on the next runner. What a good lesson to learn in life – You can achieve more with cooperation. 


The winning relay team celebrating with their prize of Fairtrade marked Maltesers.
The winning relay team celebrating with their Fairtrade marked Maltesers.



The Fairtrade Football Competition

The recent Fairtrade Football competition was played using Fairtrade Footballs.

To watch a video about Fairtrade Footballs http://www.balasport.co.uk/our-partners/schools/

To purchase Fairtrade sports equipment visit http://www.balasport.co.uk/fairtrade-balls/

Fairtrade Fortnight 2014

Most of the local primary schools took part in baking activities during Fairtrade Fortnight 2014.  These included:

Baking and eating Fairtrade Banana Pancakes on Pancake Day at All Saints Juniors

Producing Fairtrade chocolate and banana brownies to share at St. Giles and St. Josephs

A whole school bake-off competition at Tansley Primary


Fairtrade chocolate and banana brownie ready for the oven
Yummy goodies produced during the Fairtrade Bake-off
The finishing touches to the Fairtrade Toffee and Banana Muffins
The judges making their decision



Tense moments as we waited for the results
THE WINNERS! Fairtrade chocolate flapjacks


Lessons and assemblies were done as part of the fortnight too.

Fairtrade Football Competition 5th June 2014

Look out for details of the annual Fairtrade Football Competition played between local primary schools with Fairtrade Footballs.

Fairtade Footy 2013 002

Teams of boys and girls compete against each other refereed by sports ambassadors from the secondary school. As well as the winners award there is a Fairplay award. Each team and referee takes a Fairtrade Football back to school with them.

Last years winning team. Tansley Primary
Last years winning team. Tansley Primary









 Darley Dale Schools Recipe Competition

Sainsburys displayed the Fairtrade recipes designed by school children in Darley Dale in the Matlock store.

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